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Here you'll find websites built by Robert French Designs.  Click on the images or business names below to view the sites.  I've included a quick description of the business and any unique features the site has as well. 


Persistence Training Centre provides a variety of fitness and health services.  Each page has a contact us button that brings users to a unique contact page.  This helps immediately identify which service they are asking about when their inquiry is received. 


True North Heritage Hatchery brings you the heritage poultry breeds that were loved and honored by Canadian farmers 100+ years ago for their productivity and adaptation to the Canadian climate.  The best layer, dual-purpose and meat breeds of chickens, the best ducks and turkeys for your own food security and the health of your soil.

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Real Estate professional, Realtor, working with clients for buying and selling residential homes, acreages/farms, lots, recreational property, investment properties & commercial properties.

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